Today's Quote of the Day:
The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

Welcome to my wee Seanchaí's Corner

Welcome to my little story-telling corner. Please, come in and feel free to have a look around. There is not much set up yet, but I only recently started moving to this online home I have here. Yes, at least as far as my personal experience goes, setting up a website is like moving to a new house: you start full of ideas, and get stuck every time you want to make one real.

Finally some of my writings are available, and more will be added every once in a while. Coments, suggestions and feedback, regarding either my writings, or the site itself, are welcome at any time, please feel free to email me while I set up other ways to contact me.


I would like to thank all those who helped make this site real: those who put up with endless questions regarding strange behaviours in different browsers, strange bugs in my code and things alike, those providing hints to make my work easy, those encouraging me to continue working when I felt there was no use in doing so... Thanks as well for the webspace and the (not always) technical support when I needed it ;-) I think there's no need for names, you all know who you are; perhaps someday I will get you a thank-you-page, in the mean time this will have to do ;P

Hope you like this place and enjoy it as much as I enjoy fighting with it to make things be where I want them to... Oh, I forgot to add a warning... this, as most of my projects, is and will forever be under construction, so keep checking back for updates, new stories and new sections that will be added from time to time.

Wish you all the best,

Keltic Banshee